Europass Mobility is a personal document, which records the knowledge and skills acquired during a period of learning or training spent abroad, be it a work placement, internship or training course. The Mobility document describes tasks and activities as well as the achieved learning outcomes.

If an educational institution, a company, or an organisation is sending students or employees abroad for the purpose of learning or training, the responsible person or coordinator can create a profile and request access to fill in one or more Europass Mobility documents.

Host institutions can also create a profile and gain access to fill in Europass Mobility documents.

Open the user guidelines to create a profile and fill in documents here

If you have any questions, please contact the Danish Europass Center (Europass Danmark) by
e-mail: europass@ufm.dk. Read more about Europass Mobility at www.europass.dk.

To order Europass folders, please contact Europass Danmark at europass@ufm.dk.