Europass Mobility is a personal document which describes the content of any organised period of time that a person spends in another country for the purpose of learning or training. The document describes the skills and competences acquired during the stay abroad.

If an educational institution, a company, or an organisation is sending students or employees abroad for the purpose of learning or training, the responsible person or coordinator can create a profile and request for access to fill in one or more Europass Mobility documents.

Host institutions can also create a profile and can gain access to fill out Europass Mobility documents.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Danish Europass Center (Europass Danmark) by
e-mail europass@uds.dk. Read more about Europass Mobility at www.europass.dk.

News, 2016: Europass Mobility Database has been updated.

As of January 25th 2016 you will encounter a number of changes when navigating through the mobility database. The database has been optimized in order to simplify the work flow for you as a user.

A new set of user guidelines takes you through the different steps of registering as a user, creating new projects and making Europass Mobility documents.

Above you will find the new user guidelines.

Please note that it is no longer possible to order Europass folders through the database. To place an order, please contact us at europass@uds.dk.